From Battlefield to Boardroom: Volodymyr Zelensky Models True Leadership

From Battlefield to Boardroom:  Volodymyr Zelensky Models True Leadership

When we think about leadership, it’s usually in the boardroom or conference room, not the battlefield.

As we witness an unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, we are also witnessing the emergence of an exemplary model of a leader.  President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, is that example of unparalleled leadership.  And he has successfully rallied the world around solidarity and devotion for his people and country.

The atrocities unfolding in Ukraine are unfathomable in the year 2022; we live in a century where conflicts are resolved through dialogue, negotiation and diplomacy.  However, 21st century technology is providing a communication platform for Zelensky’s voice that did not exist in the last World War:  the internet, social media and cell phones.

Most business leaders do not have to live in fear of their lives being taken.  Nonetheless, Zelensky is modeling leadership that could also transform the business world.

If Zelensky’s ‘voice of leadership’ isn’t being carried into your boardroom, you are missing an enormous opportunity.  Have you imagined what your organization could look like with Zelensky’s leadership qualities at the helm?

Here are 10 ways that Zelensky’s exemplary leadership stands out:

  1. Stands with, not above nor apart from his people.  He embodies full devotion to them and their ideals.
  2. Stands in integrity.  Integrity and transparency are fully present in his impassioned speech to the European Parliament.  CNN
  3. Stands for innately pristine values with humility and vulnerability.
  4. Stands in truth in the face of disinformation, divisiveness, and disempowering rhetoric.  He speaks directly to the Russian people, ‘We will defend ourselves’, on February 23, 2022.  Guardian News
  5. Stands in creative problem-solving.  He welcomes many forms of support including calling for an “International Legion.”  And he has opened up innovative ways for funding that have already raised tens of millions of dollars in under 10 days.
  6. Stands in authenticity, not his past roles or job titles.  Zelensky’s background includes a law degree, comedy and acting (even playing a president on TV).  Today he embodies a president in every sense, portraying inner strength by making choices based in authenticity and integrity.
  7. Stands for open communication, as evidenced by his powerful and compelling social media posts, videos and interviews.  You don’t have to look far to find him featured online on global news networks.
  8. Stands in resolve and resilience in the face of adversity and war.  Showing his true mettle, his response to one reporter about evacuating was, “I need ammunition, not a ride.”  CNN
  9. Stands in his commitment to show up fully, whatever it takes for as long as it takes.  One of the stunning photos of Zelensky surrounded by his officials.  iNews
  10. Stands in solidarity and unity with his people.  No relenting.  No retreating.  For his country, he has further united them.  For the world, he has displayed courage of a true leader not seen in a long time.  Zelensky stands in solidarity, having already survived 3 assassination attempts.  The London Times

What does Zelensky represent for the world?  We are defined by what we choose to do in every moment. 

If we judge the ‘measure of a man’ by their past roles and titles, we could be making one of the biggest misjudgments of our lives.  In fact, judgment is no longer needed when we merely observe and then act upon what is in the best interests of all people in every moment.

Thank you, Volodymyr Zelensky, for standing as an extraordinary role model of how we could be choosing in every moment.  And how these exact qualities can just as easily be emulated in the boardroom:  authenticity, communication, integrity, intention, resilience, truth, transparency, and unity.


Laura Jackson Loo is an international speaker, co-author of an international #1 best-selling book, executive mentor, and consultant who supports C-Suite and executive leaders.  As CEO and Founder of Quantum Communications, LLC, she brings 35+ years corporate experience and is creator of M.O.V.E. the Mission™ consulting model, and known for Evolutionary Executive Leadership™.   Email or follow   Get her ebook on evolutionary leadership at