How M.O.V.E. the Mission™ Model works

You already know that employee engagement and retention, creativity, and innovation are just a few challenges facing mission-driven organizations in today’s rapidly-changing global workplace.

Are you falling behind?

If you don’t solve these challenges in a timely fashion, and create alignment to move your mission forward, it’s not a matter of staying afloat, you could actually fall leagues behind.  Aligned organizations who are moving their mission forward are:

1) succeeding in growing their global impact and
2) doing it with greater speed.

Through years of consulting and mentoring numerous clients including CEOs, NGOs, not-for-profits and social enterprise organizations, we’ve learned that managing their movement forward is driven by the organization’s mission – with full engagement and alignment of people and processes.  It has led to the creation of a Model that addresses the most critical business functions.

M.O.V.E. the Mission™

My consulting and training program is tailor-made for the uniqueness of every mission-driven organization to reach its bottom-line goals, which we call the ‘triple bottom line’.  It’s absolutely attainable and involves tapping into the unrealized goldmine of your organization’s human potential.

“It’s through harnessing human potential in creative and innovative ways that you can position your organization to achieve greater ROI during these times of dramatic change.” 

-Laura Jackson Loo

As CEO of Quantum Communications, LLC, I have 12 years working with CEOs, NGOs and not-for-profits, and 30+ years of consulting experience in human potential.

When I helped create this Model and wrote a million dollar media plan for SOSA (Sustainable Oneness Spiritual Alliance), we worked to move the mission forward by focusing on new paradigm leadership and governance, visioning, planning, strategic collaborative alliances and joint ventures, aligned infrastructure, media events, as well as training and coaching for teams. As a result, SOSA was able to create 2 centers in the United States and is poised to expand globally.

My M.O.V.E. the Mission™ Model is more important to implement today than ever...

As the traditional industrial business model loses popularity in favor of enlightened social entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, traditional businesses are rapidly becoming dinosaurs.

Don’t let your business become a dinosaur...

You can’t have an enlightened mission while clinging to traditional organizational structures and business model and still succeed in today’s world.  Instead, you can choose to become innovative, adaptable and agile. 

You can choose to position your mission-driven organization to become the global change agent that it was meant to.

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