About Laura Jackson Loo

Laura Jackson Loo, CEO of Quantum Communications, LLC, is a visionary, inspirational speaker, international #1 best-selling author, consultant, mentor and trainer.

She has spent the last 12 years working closely with CEOs, NGOs and not-for-profits.  Laura has more than 25 years of experience in human potential, and has worked with small companies to organizations with thousands of members.  She is creator of M.O.V.E. the MissionTM and has been sharing this model for over a decade.

Laura is especially passionate speaking and training on her M.O.V.E. the MissionTM Model.  The sum of her work with human potential, personal experience, and work with for-profits and not-for-profits has all contributed to this Model.  It is specifically designed for global mission-driven organizations to pivot and shift their alignment of people, talent and processes so they can grow their presence as a global change agent.  She is driven to share her mission of how every organization, once aligned and engaged, has the potential to create Exponential ROI – really a ‘win-win-win’ for every aspect of the organization.

She shares, “Our entire way of interacting and doing business is shifting radically, yet offers infinite possibilities through engaging every member of an organization to grow their mission, talent, engagement… and profits.”

Laura is a member of national and international organizations including the Evolutionary Business Council, SpeakerHub, The World United and the World Parliament.  She is skilled in several personality assessment and indicator platforms, emotional intelligence certifications, and is a Life TransformedTM Certified Coach and Executive Mentor.

Keynote Speaker

Laura is an inspirational presenter and international speaker.  She excels at presenting compelling, uplifting and inspirational talks.  Audience members have commented time and time again about her ability to weave different and complex perspectives into a unified, riveting and comprehensive presentation.

Laura speaks on a variety of topics, and has been a featured internationally, given keynote addresses, and emceed events.  As a speaker, she continues to receive praise and recognition for her inspiring, engaging and dynamic presentations and trainings.