E = Exponential ROI in M.O.V.E. the Mission™ Model

E = Exponential ROI in M.O.V.E. the Mission™ Model

ROI (Return on Investment) is something that most mission-driven organizations are going to have to work smarter to achieve in a brave new post-pandemic, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) world.

In my M.O.V.E. the MissionTM Model, “M” is Mission Alignment, “O” is Optimized Talent and “V” is Visionary Collaborations, and “E” is Exponential ROI.

“E” is the most exciting part!  Exponential ROI is actually the result of putting the first three components of M.O.V.E. the MissionTM into place:  aligning every person and process with your mission; optimizing and fully engaging your talent; and creating a visionary collaborative culture that creates the synergy, creativity and innovation necessary to make a greater global impact.

However there’s a critical piece to this model.  And it’s something you definitely don’t want to be aware of.

If your singular goal is to reach Exponential ROI, it’s just not possible to achieve when you only employ one or two parts of M.O.V.E. the MissionTM.  While it may be possible to reach in the short run, you’re building it on a house of cards in the long run.

Here’s a great example.

Before the M.O.V.E. the MissionTM Model came into being, I had conversations with executives who didn’t understand why they weren’t achieving their bottom line.  For instance, they may have put one or more of these strategies into place:

  • Increasing the salary of an employee;
  • Inviting more employees to participate in some of the decision-making processes;
  • Creating teams led to the expectation of real-time innovations and problem-solving.

As CEO of Quantum Communications, I have decades of experience in human potential.  I have observed countless organizations never come close to realizing their full potential because they lacked the tools that M.O.V.E. the MissionTM Model now offers.

You can’t create a global, sustainable and successful mission-driven organization without fully aligning your mission, people and processes, which are the first three components of M.O.V.E. the MissionTM Model.

Instead of trying to grow your bottom line with an out-of-date traditional business model, here’s a glimpse of what’s possible when your organization has an aligned mission and engaged employees working in a collaborative culture:

  • Your mission is clear, and every person and department’s daily operations and long-term strategies are now perfectly aligned and running smoothly;
  • With greater employee engagement and retention rates, innovation and creativity, your organization has many more ‘light bulb’ moments.
  • As a visionary collaborative culture flourishes, so does communication, creativity and innovation.
  • This new organizational synergy helps eliminate stagnation and open up problem-solving in ways never thought possible.

All these aligned components help create Exponential ROI or a ‘triple bottom line’ in which EVERYONE wins.

If you would like your organization to be positioned to create a ‘triple bottom line’, please contact me, or schedule a Discovery call.